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New(ish) Workshop: Reading Assessment Through Standards and Units of Study

A recent workshop Stevi Quate and I offered to teachers. There may be some good resources in here for you as well!


Reading Assessment Through Standards and Units of Study

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A few more reading workshop supports


Students self-assess where they are at as far as using/applying the thinking strategies to reading:

Reading-Thinking Strategies Self-Assessment



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A Few Reading Workshop Supports for Middle School Students

Making sure students use their independent workshop time responsibly and holding kiddos accountable for their learning are two things that I like ensure and keep track of. Here are a few documents that I like to use during reading workshop time:


Student Reading Conference Form: The student is responsible for filling out the information during/after a conference with the teacher (or…


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Resources for the workshop "Thinking Through Text"

Click on the text below to link to the workshop wiki:

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EAL Online Professional Learning Module

In the middle school,we are now into the third week of the EAL professional learning module Language Learning, Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum. There are 14 teachers who have decided to take the 10-week course and I think this is an exciting way to deliver content, online skills acquisition/practice, and collaboration in… Continue

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Thanks Wendy!

This is most helpful! I certainly appreciate it.

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Collaboration in and out of the classroom

We are now fully into our second year of actively co-teaching in the middle school English language arts classroom(s). As per our action plan, last year we took baby steps through a pilot program with one teacher per grade level. This year finds Dana working with all grade 6 teachers (8 sections), Wendy working with all grade 7 teachers (10 sections) and Woo Hee working with all 8th grade teachers (8 sections). In addition, we teach a class during one elective block called English for Academic… Continue

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Using BCH's Developmental Continuums as EAL Learning Goals

EAL G6 Learning Goals.pdf

Bonnie's website: http://www.bonniecampbellhill.com/

Translated versions of the reading/writing/oral language continuum:… Continue

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Ontario Language Standards

New Standards to Ensure Student Learning

At Jakarta International School, we have just adopted the Ontario language standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and English as an Additional Language (EAL). Since EAL is the language component of ELA, it just makes sense to share the same standards--especially when they have been created especially for a bilingual (multilingual, really) population such as Ontario. What I also love is the metacognitive strand included in each… Continue

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Eithne Gallagher's New Book

Eithne Gallagher, a member of our international community, has written a book especially for us (international school educators and community members) called Equal Rights to the Curriculum. I can't wait to get my hands on a hard copy!

I am proposing to use this book as a part of our new EAL professional development modules which will be mostly online and… Continue

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Research to support home language literacy instruction

On Initial Literacy Instruction in a First Language for English Language Learners (http://www.reading.org/Libraries/Position_Statements_and_Resolutions/resolution06_first_language.sflb.ashx)

I am on the agenda today to talk with our librarians about the need for developmentally appropriate,… Continue

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Admissions Policy

Recommended EAL Admissions Policy FINAL.pdf

Here is the admissions policy we have modified to better reflect our school language policy and… Continue

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Portfolio Process

EAL Learner Data per school year PORTFOLIO SCHOOL WIDE.pdf

The portfolio contents as mentioned in the action plan. Using a portfolio to monitor the progress of our students just makes sense in the context of assessments for and assessments of learning. The highlighted sections are the… Continue

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EAL Schooling Framework

EAL Schooling Framework K-12.pdf
Here is the schooling framework at our school. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it getting better and better every year? You betcha.

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Action Plan

Schoolwide EAL Action Plan --DRAFT.pdf

Here is our beginning of our 5 year action plan. The blanks under testing are because of the sensitivity of having those tests "out there" but if you are interested in what we have decided to use school-wide, I don't mind e-mailing the information. The problem we have found in an… Continue

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Getting Started

I would like to thank Wendy for starting this forum. The idea for EAL 2.0 came from Wendy's curiosity about ISB's student language survey and my interest in JIS's school language policy. An exchange of ideas with EAL/ESL teachers in International Schools can enrich teaching and learning experiences. EAL 2.0 can act as a meeting space for international EAL teachers willing to share expertise, float ideas and give feedback. Together we can make a… Continue

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Here we go!

Who are we and why are we here?

Collaboration is the goal with this social network called EAL 2.0. Merging English as an additional language teaching with global collaboration and current web resources, we hope to bring together a community of teachers in International Schools with the common goal of creating responsive multicultural and multilingual… Continue

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